YouTube Now Hosting Videos At 8K Resolution


The world’s most popular video hosting site YouTube, is now actively supporting videos at 8K resolution. To those of you not familiar with exactly what this means, 8K resolution represents 7680 x 4320 pixels (4320p), which is sixteen times more detailed than the current 1080p standard.

From analogue to 8K

For those of us who grew up with three or four analogue TV channels and fuzzy VHS tapes, the arrival of 1080p was a revelation when it became a widespread visual standard – now details could be revealed that would previously have been essentially invisible.

Then came 4K, with four times the resolution of 1080p and everyone’s jaws dropped when they first saw the clarity and depth of the recorded footage.

8K is not a new technology as such, having existed in various forms for a few years now. Unfortunately however, most of us do not yet have the means to view it online in all its glory.

High-definition online videos

YouTube and Vimeo have been hosting 4K videos for the last few years, and at So Motion (and our new aerial filming sister company Drone Air), we have welcomed the improvements and have ensured that we use the higher quality resolution to its fullest.

While we also welcome the arrival of 8K, as we do any advances in visual quality, it is possibly a leap too far for YouTube and its users at this stage in time.

You can view an example of an 8K video on YouTube here (remember to select 8K from the settings menu), but only if you have a very fast internet connection.

Are YouTube running before they can walk, or are they simply demonstrating foresight? We think this is currently overkill as most people will not even be able to watch the videos smoothly at 8K, but it’s obvious that this issue will soon be overcome, as user’s bandwidth speeds improve.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of high resolution video for your business, please email us at or call us on 01273 921991.

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Introducing Drone Air: The Specialist Aerial Filming Company


Drone Air is the name of our new aerial filming and aerial photography company. We achieve our aerial shots using both drones (also known as UAVs or unmanned aerial vehicles) and helicopters. There’s been such a high demand for our services that we’ve actually had to build a dedicated website, which we’re rather proud of.

With full CAA licensing for UAV commercial work, Drone Air has the ability to undertake a very wide range of aerial services. Our current client sectors range from anything from film and television, to roof inspections, to agricultural surveys and much more besides, and our remit is expanding all the time.

Our portfolio currently contains twelve projects we have worked on over the last few weeks, with another twelve set to be published over the coming days, so be sure to check in regularly. In the short time we’ve been active, we’ve already worked with some major brands and businesses, including: Masterchef, East Sussex National Golf Club, and the Friday-Ad.

With such high demand, we are already set to exceed our target for this year, and with summer now here and in full bloom, 2015 looks very promising.


The birth of Drone Air

When we first decided we would be setting up an aerial filming company and a website for the new business, we didn’t know what we wanted. Did we want a new page on, or a totally new website devoted to aerial services? After much discussion and many gallons of coffee, the team agreed that a new website was definitely the best option.

Exciting times – a new website was on the horizon. The first task (and the most challenging) was deciding upon a name. After countless meetings, everyone had offered several suggestions and the list was slowly filtered down over various conversations, but a name was decided on and we stuck by it… for one week! We bought a domain and began building the site, but then a new name emerged that we all preferred. It was dramatic, catchy, contained strong keywords, was short, and sounded like an airline – the name was Drone Air.

We quickly assigned projects for each member of the team to get started on. While some set about researching existing aerial services, others were involved in branding, website development, or researching competitors. It quickly became apparent that with the sheer size of the UK drone market and a high demand for our services, we had our work cut out for us.

It’s now two months since the seed of the idea first emerged and the site is now live. Drone Air is starting to rank well online and we’re feeling very positive about the future. As a team, we’ve managed to create fifteen service pages, with videos being published on each of these and on our portfolio on a regular basis, and since the site launch we have been inundated with enquiries.

So, if you’d like to find out more about our aerial filming and aerial photography services and discover how aerial shots can sell your brand for you, please email or phone us on 01273 921991 today for an informal chat.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and experience (after all, our MD Ben Kelly has been aerial filming with helicopters since 2007) – so whatever your aerial project is, we are sure that we can make it happen and in the process, exceed your expectations.

Drone Air is using Twitter and Google+ to share new aerial videos, projects and drone related news, why not follow us and stay in the loop.